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Data Aquistion Electronics

We have professionally designed and specified data collection electronics to interface your Arduino, BeagleBone or Raspberry PI to the real world.  

Custom Electronics

We offer a fully assembled standard product and a partially populated product where you make it yours!  We have the schematics, we can provide some engineering insight, YOU make the call to best meet your NEEDS.  

Geothermal Logging/Drilling Tool Electroncs

 Our head designer Randy A Normann has over 25 years’ experience designing logging and drilling electronics for geothermal applications. Randy has developed both conventional heat-shielded and barefoot tools (up to 290°C continuous operation). A partial list of his designs: production logging tools (pressure, temperature, spinner with CCL), fast SRO fracture monitoring tools, continuous HT well-monitoring systems, high-speed MWD tools, core-tube monitoring electronics, spectral gamma tools along with a wide range of other scientific laboratory instrumentation.  


"Arduino for Projects in Scientific Measurement"


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If you want to take your Arduino sensor measurement skills to the next level…..

If you want to publish your findings in scientific publications…. 

If you want to design a data collection system as part of a research team…. 

If you’re a geologist, physicists, volcanologist or any science driven person wanting to learn how to make 

your own electronic measurements…..

Then Randy wrote this book for you. 




($5.95 shipping)

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General Specification  

22 Bit ADC 

SPI Interface

3 μV Typical Offset Error (2.5V range)

3.0 to 5.5V operating range

On board low noise power supply filter

On board 2.5V Voltage Reference

On board 1M ohm voltage divider for 0-5V input

On board RC input filter

Clean supply and reference voltage for sensor use


Build Your Own AD22B


($5.95 shipping)

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This is the same AD22B but the analog input resistors and capacitors are NOT installed.  They are 805 surface mount components.  Most users will have no trouble installing their own parts to create the interface they need.  We can supply the parts for a small additional cost.  If interested in our parts, email us for our parts list.


Programmable Voltage, DAC12B


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General Specifications

12 Bit DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), MCP4921

0V to 10V Programmable Voltage

Rail-to-Rail Output

SPI interface 

On Board 2.5V Voltage Reference

On Board Power Transistor 

On Board PTC Fuse Rated to 50mA

On Board Current Measurement Amplifier


Well Logging/Monitoring A150PT


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PT Well Monitoring or Logging Electronics

This is an analog interface for driving pressure and temperature signals up a standard mono-conductor logging cable or wired tubing. The logging cable can be used to support well testing while wires inside tubing can be used for permanent well monitoring. At the surface, the AD22B and DAC12B can supply power and convert the sensor signals to digital values. 

      Temperature is a 3 wire RTD for accuracy and a wide temperature range.

      Pressure is any bridge strain type analog pressure transducer such as those from Paine Electronics, Emerson. 

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